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He Is Very, Very Special In TDP

Some win and some lose. But some remain unhappy despite winning. Prior to the 2014 general elections, many Congress leaders migrated into TDP.

However, very few from those who shifted loyalties won during the elections. Naturally, those who lost are disillusioned and are keeping away from mainstream politics.

Ex ministers Galla Aruna Kumari and TG Venkatesh are perfect examples to this lot. In fact, they are keeping such a low-profile that there is no news about them.

And coming to ex Congress leader JC Diwaker Reddy, he is unhappy despite jumping into TDP. Though he won as Anantapur MP, he is still not pleased with the way he is being treated in TDP.

Another leader who is thoroughly disillusioned is Rayapati Sambasiva Rao. He has always dreamt of TDP chairmanship, but after shifting into TDP, he is not a happy man.

But one exception is Ganta Srinivasa Rao who is a happy man. He was a minister in Congress cabinet and he has got a minister’s berth in TDP government. Also, he is playing a key role within the party. Though the politicians are known to change their stripes with changing times, Ganta seems to have mastered the technique rather well, say TDP insiders.

So, if one looks at the Congressmen who jumped TDP, only Ganta seems to be enjoying a special position.



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