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Giddi Eswari Jumps From TDP To BJP?

Giddi Eswari Jumps From TDP To BJP?

BJP is making good efforts to strengthen itself in Uttarandhra. It is applying Operation Askari kind of formula especially to the TDP leaders. 

TDP is directionless even after 2 years of losing the power. While the plight of the longstanding TDP leaders is pity, the situation of those who jumped from YCP to TDP before 2019 elections and lost eventually, is almost miserable.

Chandrababu is not even seeing their faces now. Giddi Eswari comes in this list. She is the ex MLA from Paderu of Visakha District. 

Giddi Eswari who has shown her might while she was in YCP, lost her sheen after stepping into TDP. As she has 'no entry' board in YCP now, she is opting to join BJP, as per sources. 

BJP is taking this as an advantage. Very soon Eshwari will be joining the BJP officially. BJP leaders are also believing that she will be a right person to strengthen the party at least in some parts of the Uttarandhra.

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