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For Andhra leaders, Hyd still is the hub for black money!

For Andhra leaders, Hyd still is the hub for black money!

Though its five years since Andhra Pradesh has been bifurcated and AP capital shifted to Amaravathi, the Andhra political leaders still continue to use Telangana capital Hyderabad as the hub for their ill-gotten wealth, black money and cash hoarding.

The upcoming Assembly and Lok Sabha elections in Andhra Pradesh expose how Andhra leaders are transporting black money from Hyderabad through Hawala route for distribution to voters in elections.

On Wednesday, the checks carried out by Telangana police personnel in city and also on highways connecting Andhra detected crores of rupees of black money being transported from Hyderabad to Andhra to lure voters in elections.

On such major haul pertains to Jayabheri Properties, owned by actor and TDP sitting MP Murali Mohan. Murali Mohan's daughter-in-law is contesting from TDP for  Rajahmundry Lok Sabha seat this time.

Police seized Rs 2 crore from two men, who were transporting cash from Hyderabad to Rajahmundry. 

During the investigation, they claimed that they are the employees in Jayabheri group and transporting the cash to Rajahmundry for election expenses.

This apart, another Rs 1 crore was seized from 13 people in Hyderabad, who were trying to transport cash to Andhra for elections.

There are complaints of huge black money being transported from the 'dens' of Andhra leaders in Hyderabad for AP elections.

The Election Commission has put police on high alert as the April 11 polling day nears.

Interestingly, the cash seizures in Hyderabad pertain to those who have 'Andhra connection'.

These incidents clearly show how Hyderabad continues to be the hub for black money and cash hoarding for Andhra leaders even after bifurcation of state.



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