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Faction Politics Back In Nandyal

It looks like faction politics are back in Nandyal, which had once witnessed brutal killings with gun fights and bomb attacks.

This was evident from the firing in air by the gunman of a Telugu Desam Party councilor Abhiruchi Madhu to threaten the YSR Congress party workers who allegedly indulged in stone pelting.

While the TDP leaders alleged that the YSRC workers led by Silpa Chakrapani Reddy resorted to attacks first and damaged the car of Madhu with stone pelting, the YSRC leaders say Madhu and his followers indulged in the attack on Silpa’s followers as they were unable to digest the fact that the TDP was losing the Nandyal by-elections.

Tension prevailed as Madhu’s private gunman opened fire in the air to disperse the YSRC workers.

Such scenes were very common in Nandyal in the past, as the political leaders under the patronage of one party or the other used to resort to violent methods to intimidate the rival factions.

YSRC legislator G Srikanth Reddy alleged that the incident occured at stone’s throw distance away from the place where the cabinet ministers have lodged themselves and converted the hotel into a secretariat.

“The person, a rowdy sheeter and close associate of Chandrababu Naidu had fired at Chakrapani Reddy and went berserk for nearly one hour with arms and the police fled the scene. This is an indication of the misuse of power and the way in which faction politics are being patronized by the Chief Minister,” Reddy alleged.

He pointed out that during elections, in normal course it is mandatory to deposit weapons and bullets in the respective police stations and just within 24 hours of the polls, this Madhu had come up with his weapon and fired at Chakrapani Reddy for resigning the MLC post of TDP before joining YSRCP.

“How can a rowdy sheeter, procure weapon within one day of polls and how can he go on a rampage from the hotel where the state ministers are camping?” he asked.



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