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Fact Sheet: Worthy Of Emulation!

Fact Sheet: Worthy Of Emulation!

Nowadays, the behavior of legislators in State Assemblies is crossing all norms of decency. The common man is being forced to hang his head in shame at the decorum exhibited by his elected representatives.

The ruckus witnessed in the Assembly of Kerala is a pointer to this. The opposition protested the Minister facing accusations of corruption to unveil the State budget. Compounding the situation, neither the Speaker nor the Chief Minister gave an assurance of a probe into the allegations against the concerned Minister which might have assuaged the opposition.

The ruckus that followed was unprecedented with an opposition MLA claiming that a lady MLA from the ruling Party bit him. And therein lies the problem!

The ruling parties, scared of the opposition gaining political mileage and being embarrassed is not allowing the opposition a fair say in proceedings.

Even the Speakers are behaving like ruling party legislators instead of doing justice to their ‘august’ office. The way the bifurcation bill was passed in Parliament is still vivid in memory.

And the other day, the opposition in the Telangana assembly got on to their chairs and flung the furniture around. Judging by these acts, the behavior of the opposition in AP assembly is indeed exemplary.

Despite second rung politicians hurling personal abuse at YS Jagan and the Speaker trying his best to curtail Jagan, the behavior of YSRCP has been dignified! At no point have they resorted to acts like street hoodlums. In that sense, the opposition has set a benchmark to the rest of the country, worthy of emulation.

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