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Fact Sheet: Owaisis To BJP's Rescue!

Fact Sheet: Owaisis To BJP's Rescue!

The Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh which had looked invincible is now in utter shambles following the internal strife between father and son. This could not have come at a more opportune time for the BJP.

UP‘s Assembly election schedule has been released and post-demonetization, the public in UP could so easily have gone against the BJP. But added to the split in the Samajwadi Party now is another significant factor.

MIM led by the Owaisi brothers is going to contest the Assembly elections in UP in Muslim majority regions. Muslims have generally voted for the SP in UP but with the arrival of MIM and a weakened SP, there may be huge shifts to MIM.

And most important of all, the Owaisi brothers have a tendency to rake up communal feelings with their vitriolic speeches.

In such a scenario, the Hindus of UP may forget all their demonetization woes and choose to back the BJP which would be smart enough to capitalize on anything retrograde said by the Owaisis.

Having won two seats in Maharashtra Assembly elections, the MIM is keen on transforming itself into a pan-India party. And a strong showing in UP would definitely realign political equations across the nation.



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