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Fact Sheet: Naidu Tries To Appease Ganta

Fact Sheet: Naidu Tries To Appease Ganta

It is clear that all is not well in the TDP regarding Ganta Srinivasa Rao.

After the survey results were published in ABN Andhra Jyothy according to which, the people of Bhimili constituency (represented by Ganta) were highly dissatisfied with his work, a sulking Ganta has been unavailable for the last three days.

Amid growing speculation that Ganta is said to bid adieu to the yellow gang, Chandrababu Naidu spoke to Ganta over the phone.

“A lot of matter is published about us in the media. Since, we are in politics; sometimes the news is negative and sometimes positive. We should not take it to heart. If I worry about each and every negative news written about me, will I be able to function?” is what Chandrababu reportedly told Ganta.

But Chandrababu is missing a very crucial point here. Has there ever been anything negative about him in ABN or Eenadu? These are the mouthpieces of his party.

Ganta is upset because a newspaper loyal to the TDP has written about him, which is not possible without Naidu’s blessings.

Had the same survey appeared in Sakhi for instance, Ganta would not have even bothered.



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