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Don't Come Back Please, Netizens Tell Rahul

Don't Come Back Please, Netizens Tell Rahul

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi might still be the hot favourite for many of his party leaders, but for most of the common people, he is a failed politician who has no ability to lead the party, as was evident from its debacles in the elections in the last two years.

He has virtually become a butt of ridicule for netizens, who do not lose any opportunity to take pot shots at him whenever he tweets. More recently, Rahul tweeted that he would be going on a foreign tour for “a few days” without specifying the place and period. Naturally, it evoked hilarious reactions from netizens.

Some reactions: “Please don’t come back and spare India your stupidity and corruption. Thanks.”

“Yo, it’s time for massage.”

“Where are you going my dear baba? At least share the name of the place. Hope no #thiland” this time”

“ja rahe ho, to please vaapas math aana; hum aapke bina manage kar lenge..”

Well, Rahul has nobody else but himself to blame. Last time, when he went on a 53-day sabbatical without telling the name of the place, it became a big news. And he was at the receiving end for leaving the country and party in lurch when crucial issues were being discussed in Parliament.



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