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Did Kapus Really Vote Because Of Pawan Kalyan?

Did Kapus Really Vote Because Of Pawan Kalyan?

The YSRCP failed to win a single constituency in the West Godavari district in the recent polls and this made the difference between victory and defeat.

Many attribute the poor showing of the YSRCP in the Godavari districts to the ‘Pawan Kalyan’ factor.

The Kapu community is believed to have voted en masse for the TDP because of Pawan Kalyan! However, the reality may be different.

The primary factor for TDP winning huge in the Godavari districts is the ‘loan waiver’ scheme announced by Naidu!

Data shows that the majority of debt-ridden farmers are from the Godavari districts. Hence, they believed Naidu and voted him to power.

Pawan Kalyan proved to be a stimulant to their decision. Contrary to popular perception, the Kapu community was not swayed away by Pawan Kalyan because the latter was from their community.

In fact, the Kapu and Kamma communities have been bitter rivals since the days of Vangaveeti Ranga and Devineni Nehru. However, the fact that the Kapus voted for the TDP shows that they put aside their personal prejudices and voted for a Party that they believed would usher in development.

That Naidu is currently proving not just them but the entire people of the State wrong, is a matter of huge disappointment.

That is why; Jagan is planning his deeksha at Tanuku in West Godavari district. When farmers affected by land pooling are from Krishna and Guntur districts, opponents question Tanuku as the choice of venue. The farmers of Godavari feel deceived by Naidu regarding the loan waiver.

By addressing the meeting there, Jagan will win their support for the YSRCP! Quite clever by Jagan!



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