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Desperate Kammas Celebrating Reddy's Success

Desperate Kammas Celebrating Reddy's Success

The majority of Kammas are generally learned, dignified, and balanced. However, a sect of Kammas, who are TDP enthusiasts and caste fanatics, engage in comedic acts that bring disgrace to the entire community. 

TDP is labeled as a Kamma party for obvious reasons. Fanatical Kammas, with no opportunities to celebrate due to TDP's current challenges, are desperately searching for ways to express their joy.

Cutouts of Revanth Reddy are erected in Coastal Andhra Pradesh with the names of some Kammas, congratulating him for his triumph in Telangana. 

Some Kamma fanatics go to the extent of placing photographs of Revanth Reddy during his time in TDP at the feet of NTR's statues. 

This absurdity is being circulated on social media and is becoming the subject of ridicule.

Desperate Kammas are celebrating the success of a Reddy leader. Yes, he is Revanth Reddy who is going to enjoy the power but not any Kamma! 

Perhaps they are under the illusion that Revanth Reddy is still favored by Chandrababu, leading them to believe that Chandrababu now has control over the Telangana State!


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