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Cop Who Dared JC To Join YSRC!

Cop Who Dared JC To Join YSRC!

Daring police inspector Gorantla Madhav of Kadiri police station Gorantla Madhav, who threatened to slash the tongue of firebrand Telugu Desam Party MP from Anantapur J C Diwar Reddy three months ago, is all set to join the YSR Congress party.

Madhav reportedly submitted his resignation from his post on Friday evening. 

He sent his resignation letter to Kadiri deputy superintendent of police Sri Lakshmi, who in turn forwarded the same to Anantapur superintendent of police G V G Ashok Kumar. It might be accepted in a day or two.

Apparently, Madhav got an assurance from YSRC leadership for a party ticket to contest from Anantapur or Hindupur parliamentary constituency. It was only after getting a firm confirmation from the party, he quit his post, sources said.

Madhav, who is also general secretary of the Anantapur District Police Officers Association, hit the headlines with his pungent reaction to the allegations levelled by JC Diwakar Reddy that the police had miserably failed in controlling the violence in Tadipatri mandal, that took place during the Ganesh Nimajjan festivities at Swamy Prabobhananda Ashram.

“The police failed miserably in controlling the situation. Despite having so much authority, why can't they enter the ashram and arrest the accused? If an MP doesn't have security, how will they help the local people and my constituents?" Diwakar had said at the time.

Madhav said politicians were taking the police for granted and using public platforms like the media to tarnish their image. They also said that they would respond in a similar manner, if that was the case.

“Nowadays, it has become a habit for MLAs and MPs to talk about the police in a hurtful way. Let it be known that if any politician insults the force for their own mileage, I will cut off their tongues," an angry Madhav said.

“We are here to serve the public and joined to help the common citizen. We are not here to provide security for politicians,” Madhav added.

His daring comments caught the attention of YSRC leadership which reportedly called Madhav and requested him to join politics.

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