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Congratulations Naidu!

Congratulations Naidu!

The Chandrababu Naidu government has once again created history and they thoroughly deserve to be complimented for it. Their regime has resulted in the first exchange of fire between the police and Naxalites in Araku since 1997.

Needless to say, the heightened activism of the naxalites in the region is a direct offshoot of Naidu’s decision to go in for bauxite mining in the area despite being cautioned against the same by all responsible groups.

When the YSR regime proposed mining in the area, Chandrababu opposed it tooth and nail. When in power, he passes a GO supporting the same.

Bauxite mining will result in profits of millions of dollars for multinationals with ample scope for corruption.

It will also result in displacement of indigenous populations, uprooting their lives and civilizations in the process and also cause untold damage to the ecosystem.

The life of a tribal might not be of much value to the CM and educated and the rich people. But if the tribals are looked upon as fellow Telugus, Andhraites and Indians, then a decision can be taken from the heart and not with the mind.

When the state that is supposed to protect the tribals turns into their biggest oppressor, is it any wonder then that the Maoists stand to gain?

Naidu’s decisions like the new capital and bauxite mining taken unilaterally might result in a serious resurgence of Naxalism in AP.

While one would have expected him to learn from his previous experiences, unfortunately, the ground reality seems to be pointing in the opposite direction.




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