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CM Ramesh's Suspicious Relationship with Konidela Brothers

CM Ramesh's Suspicious Relationship with Konidela Brothers

There has been speculation about CM Ramesh's involvement in the supposed sacrifice of Konidela Nagababu, giving up his MP seat, and his subsequent meetings with Chiranjeevi.

Even Pawan Kalyan is seen praising CM Ramesh in recent days. 

Connecting the dots, many speculate that CM Ramesh might have influenced Pawan Kalyan and Nagababu to make that so-called sacrifice.

Though the exact motivation is unknown, the sudden decisions and changes in approach of the brothers suggest that they took advantage of the situation. 

Additionally, Chiranjeevi seems pleased to meet and thank those making his brothers happy.

Setting aside these speculations, many on social media are now suggesting that CM Ramesh could have influenced Chiranjeevi's receipt of the Padma Vibhushan as well.

Though the truth is uncertain, considering the current situation and CM Ramesh's influence on the Konidela brothers is in dicussion.


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