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Chandranna Scheme Apes Congress Style

Chandranna Scheme Apes Congress Style

There was a time when TDP came into power to be an alternate voice against the Congress party which was family-centric through out its history.

Though eventually, TDP itself emerged into a person-centric party, TDP members have always blamed the Congress of being a family party.

To cut a long story short, once again, TDP is developing into a person-centric party where everything is being labelled under Chandra Babu Naidu's name.

Well, for now, the party has Chandranna sankranthi, Chandranna tohfa, raitu kosam Chandranna, Chandranna vyavasaya kshetra pariseelana, Chandranna sankshemam, Chandranna vijayalu, etc.

All schemes are being named under Chandra Babu Naidu's name just like how all schemes were named after Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi during YSR's time.

In the past, TDP had alleged that YSR was using his name to attract the attention of AICC president Sonia Gandhi. Now, TDP is indulging in the same tactics.

One reason could be that they want to show that the party is slowly moving ahead from NTR to Chandra Babu Naidu.

Another reason could be that it can become a record of sorts to have all schemes and projects on Babu's name.