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Can Priyanka Strike An Amicable Settlement?

Can Priyanka Strike An Amicable Settlement?

The political developments in Rajasthan have become a hot topic across the nation. 

The seasoned congress leader and CM Ashok Gehlot is taking on the young and rebellious Sachin Pilot to save his post. Congress party has 124 seats in the 200 seat assembly.

Sachin Pilot's rebel group is threatening Ashok Gehlot's government. All the eyes are on the next assembly meeting on August 14 to prove the majority. The majority of 101 seats are required to retain the government for Ashok Gehlot.

Sachin Pilot is not ready to play the second fiddle to the senior leader. But he will be shown the doors by Congress if Ashok Gehlot fails to prove his majority.

At this juncture, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said to have spoken with Sachin Pilot over the issue as per the latest information from the political circles.

Everybody is keenly waiting to see whether Priyanka could pull off an amicable settlement between the senior and rebel groups of Congress party.

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