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Bring down temperature, Naidu tells officials!

Bring down temperature, Naidu tells officials!

Age seems to be fast catching up with Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu, so much so that he is either speaking through his hat or not able convey properly what he wants to say.

The other day, Naidu surprised everybody when he said the Telugu Desam Party had shaken even the British army and so, it is not afraid of facing the onslaught of the Bharatiya Janata Party government at the Centre.

What he apparently wanted to say was that the Telugu people were very brave and they had fought even the British.

So, instead of Telugu people, he said Telugu Desam and that made all the difference for Naidu, who had to face the trolls in the social media for his goof-up.

On Monday, Naidu held a meeting with officials to review the progress of Neeru-Pragati.

During his interaction with them, Naidu observed that the temperatures in Andhra Pradesh were very high and asked the officials to see that the temperatures were reduced.

“Especially in capital, you should strive to bring down the temperature by at least 10 degrees Celsius,” he said.

This has taken the officials by rude shock. For once, they were surprised as to how they could control the climate, which is a natural phenomenon.

However, during the course of discussion, they realised that what Naidu meant was something different. His observation was that the alarming rise in temperature was due to destruction of greenery and excessive usage of fuels.

So, Naidu wanted to tell the officials to focus on development of greenery and other such measures which could bring down the temperature.

“Thank god, he has not set the target to the officials for converting Andhra Pradesh into Antarctica,” a journalist who covered the meeting said.



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