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Boat tragedy: AJ tries to defend Naidu govt!

Boat tragedy: AJ tries to defend Naidu govt!

The tragic boat mishap at Pavithra Sangamam in Vijayawada claimed 19 lives so far and the within no time, the blame game has begun.

It is quite natural that the opposition parties, particularly YSR Congress party, started attacking the government for allegedly encouraging unauthorised boat operators.

The Telugu Desam Party government has gone into the defensive mode since corruption and callousness was glaringly evident on the part of the Tourism Development Corporation.

Surprisingly, within hours of the boat tragedy, ABN-Andhra Jyothy came out with a so-called “special report” trying to exonerate the AP Tourism department authorities.

According to the report, a tourism department official had raised a strong objection to the private boat operator running the boat without taking permission from the higher authorities and had not allowed him to park the boat at the jetty at Bhavani Island.

A video clipping shows argument between the Tourism department official and the private boat operator on carrying passengers unauthorisedly.

“Yet, after the official left the place, the private boat operator again came to the jetty and unauthorisedly carried the passengers from Bhavani Island and within minutes, it sank in the river due to overload,” the report said.

But the channel conveniently ignored the fact that the private boat operating agency was set up by some officials of the tourism department itself with the support of some higher-ups.

Now, the department is trying to hush up the matter by shielding the benamis running the private agency.



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