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BJP Follows Jagan Mohan Reddy In Telangana?

BJP Follows Jagan Mohan Reddy In Telangana?

BJP seems to be going ahead with the formula of caste polarization in Telangana. Following the strategy of YS Jagan Mohan Redy who polarized Reddys and BCs in AP, now BJP is doing the same in Telangana as per an observation.

The Reddy community has lost its sheen in politics in Telangana after the state bifurcation. Though TRS didn't ignore that community, there is a dissatisfaction among many Reddys for missing the top ruling chair.

While giving enough space to BCs, BJP is also in the process of pampering Reddys in Telangana. Reddy Congress leaders are joining BJP one by one.

Kishan Reddy is Minister at the Center. Lakshman is also in a key position in the party. Balancing both the groups, BJP is moving ahead with its strategy.

Recently Home Minister Amit Shah met Ramoji Rao and Jr NTR in his Telangana tour to give a color that Kammas in Telangana region are behind BJP. JP Nadda is meeting Nithiin tomorrow. It should be underlined that Nithiin is Reddy.

BJP is trying to give a color that all the communities are behind BJP to combat the family ruled party TRS. But at the grass root level, TRS is still enjoying a tenacious grip of power.

Minorities are intact with TRS. Though BJP seems to be playing a perception game, the edge of victory will be on the side of TRS, as per the present scenario.


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