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BJP and Congress For Venky Mama

BJP and Congress For Venky Mama

Senior actor Venkatesh is known for his apolitical stance, much like Ramanaidu, who remained aloof from politics except for his stint as an MP.

But it appears inevitable for Venkatesh to step into the political arena this time as a star-campaigner due to familial ties and relationships.

Venkatesh's daughter got married to the son of Congress candidate Raghuram Reddy, who is contesting from Khammam. For Venkatesh, supporting Raghuram Reddy is akin to supporting family.

Additionally, Venkatesh also has familial bond with former Minister Kamineni Srinivas who is contesting this time from Kaikaluru as BJP candidate.

Srinivas is the uncle (menamama) of Vekatesh's wife who is respected in the family as an elderly man after D Ramanaidu. 

So, in addition to Khammam of Telangana, Venkatesh also needs to campaign for Kamineni Srinivas at Kaikaluru of Andhra Pradesh. 

The campaign strategy should emphasize voting for Congress in Khammam and the TDP-BJP-JSP Alliance in Kaikaluru. 

Those who know Venkatesh say that he hates controversies and so takes care by not criticizing the YCP but limits his speeches by telling about the candidates' virtues without explicitly mentioning their party affiliations.


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