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Behind The Scene: Madness in Guntur!

Behind The Scene: Madness in Guntur!

29 villages in the three ‘Mandals’ of Tulluru, Tadepalli and Mangalagiri are witnessing unprecedented traffic like never before.

It all began roughly twenty days before these areas were announced as the focal point of the new capital.

Armed with advance information, politicians, film stars and industrialists made a beeline to these areas in a mad frenzy to acquire land, outbidding each other in the process.

It is believed that transactions worth Rs 4500 crore have been carried out in the last 20 days.

The ‘Stamps and Registration’ department of Guntur is stunned by the increase in revenue. Earlier, the highest revenue witnessed in a month by Guntur was Rs 35 crore. But since November 1, of this month, the revenue collected is a whopping Rs 150 crore.

The mad rush continues with the media showcasing Chandrababu’s trips to Japan and Singapore in a feisty manner thereby further increasing the expectations among the gullible public.

The farmers on their part are resorting to ‘panic selling’ as they feel that the government would forcibly acquire their lands.

Land per acre in Tulluru is being quoted at nearly Rs 2 crore to Rs 3 crore per acre. Agape at the magnitude of the transactions, the Income Tax authorities are believed to have deputed a team to monitor the biggies involved in the transactions.

The I-T department is genuinely concerned that black money is being heavily dumped in Tulluru and the adjoining areas.

It all seems like one giant bubble that could burst anytime destroying many lives in the process.

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