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Behind The Scene: Kiran And Venkayya

Kiran Kumar Reddy recently had a hush-hush meeting with BJP Chief Amit Shah. While the exact details of what transpired in the meeting are not known, sources say that Kiran Kumar made it clear to Amit Shah that the BJP in AP stood no chance of capturing power in the near future as long as Venkayya Naidu was at the helm. 

Apparently, even the RSS has received complaints from the State unit of the BJP that Venkayya Naidu is trying to make the BJP, a 'mini-TDP' by filling it with members of his community. 

Already, he has roped in Purandeswari and Kavuri Samba Siva Rao, who earned the wrath of the people for being traitors to the Samaikhyandhra cause. How can the BJP prosper by inducting such people? The community will prosper but not the Party. 

To date, Purandeswari, Kavuri and Venkayya Naidu have successfully managed to put off Kiran's entry into the BJP. But Amit Shah is keen on getting Kiran on-board. 

Already the BJP leadership is angry with them for having blocked Botcha Satyanarayana's entry. Botcha subsequently joined hands with Jagan taking his Kapu base in the district to Jagan's camp. 

Therefore, with 2019 on the horizon, the Party has to take a call right now on Kiran. 



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