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Behind The Scene: Admission of guilt?

Behind The Scene: Admission of guilt?

Responding to a query on the judiciary ordering him and his Mom to appear before it in the ‘National Herald Case’, Rahul Gandhi said, “I am not afraid of going to jail.” That is a really strange answer indeed.

Rahul and his mom are shouting themselves hoarse in Parliament that it is a case of political vendetta. But why does Rahul need to speak of going to jail?

The judiciary only wanted them to appear before it and give their version of things. If they are indeed innocent, then they will be let off without much further ado.

So instead of shouting in Parliament and stalling proceedings, they would be better off preparing a solid defense for themselves and saving their dramatics for the courtroom. And surely, they cannot accuse the judiciary of being intolerant either?

After all, Salman Khan, the great patriot and owner of a driverless car was acquitted, who can ever expect the Gandhis to spend even a single day in prison except on an official visit?

But India’s independence would really be on the 19th of this month when they actually appear in court. That would be the biggest victory for Indian democracy!