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Basthi Me Sawaal: Varma challenges VH!

The war of words between maverick film maker Ram Gopal Varma and senior Congress leader V Hanumantha Rao has reached an interesting turn with the former challenging the former MP to counter him publicly on his comments on the controversial kissing scenes in the Telugu film Arjun Reddy scheduled to be released on Friday.

Varma was reacting sharply to the veteran Congress leader’s outburst at him for asking hero of the film Vijay Devarakonda to tear his (VH) clothes in retaliation to the tearing of the film posters on buses.

VH threatened to see that Varma cannot step into Hyderabad, if he continued to attack him.

In his Facebook posting, Varma said: “HR Saar .. nenu repu poddhunna prasad IMAX lo 10.30 morning show ki vasthunna..See u there.. Basthi Me Sawaal..” (Hanumanth Rao sir, I am coming to Prasad Imax theatre at 10.30 am morning show tomorrow. See you there. It’s challenge..)

The ace director also threw another challenge at VH, saying: "HR gaaru nannu Hyderabad loki adugu pettakunda cheyyadam kanna meeku dammunte mee manavala vayassu ammayilni abbayilni ARJUN REDDY theatrearlaloki adugu pettakundaa cheyyyandi (Instead of not allowing me to step into Hyderabad, if you have guts, you stop girls and boys of your grandchildren age from entering the theatres to watch Arjun Reddy)."

Well, let us see how VH will respond to this challenge!



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