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Balayya Backs PA, Snubs Hindupur TDP Cadre!

Balayya Backs PA, Snubs Hindupur TDP Cadre!

Notwithstanding the wild allegations against his personal secretary Sekhar Naidu who is virtually ruling the roost in Hindupur assembly constituency in Anantapur district, local MLA and senior actor Nandamuri Balakrishna appears to be unmoved even an inch.

Reacting to the allegations levelled by the local TDP leaders against Sekhar, Balakrishna said on Monday that he had received certain complaints against Sekhar and he would look into them.

“Let us not jump to conclusions. For, party is more important than individuals. I am not going to tolerate any indiscipline in the party in my constituency,” he said, indirectly referring to a meeting convened by Sekhar’s opponents.

The local TDP leaders wonder why Balakrishna and party president N Chandrababu Naidu remained silent to the allegations against Sekhar Naidu, though party cadre was staging protests demanding his suspension.

They are angry with Sekhar for ignoring seniors and stopping the meeting of party workers at Chilamattoor with the help of police.

They gave an ultimatum to Balakrishna, stating that he should decide between genuine party cadre and Sekhar.

They also said they will go on hunger strike at NTR statue if the party supremo won't settle the issue in their favour while demanding the reasons behind their silence.



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