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Atchenna Naidu May Resign From TDP Soon?

Atchenna Naidu May Resign From TDP Soon?

It is known that Kinjarapu Atchen Naidu became the state party president of TDP about nine months ago. But even now he is not crossing the border of Srikakulam.

A few weeks ago, even to extend condolences to the family members of the deceased doctor Sudhakar in the adjacent district he didn't move an inch, but only Lokesh had to go all the way to Vizag from Hyderabad. 

Lokesh is the only person who is trying to respond to every issue on behalf of TDP. Atchenna is not getting what his responsibilities are as the party president.

On the other hand there are doubts that the party high command kept him aside after the leak of the Tirupati hotel video where he said, "elections tarvatha party ledu bokka ledu". 

There are opponents to Atchenna in the own district as well. They have been carrying negative propaganda on him to CBN from time to time. 

On a whole, there is no old camaraderie between Atchenna and CBN, say sources. The only plus points of Atchenna are his talkative power and the BC identity.

Though the party high command is not sidelining him from the party leadership, he is treated as a dummy as of now. 

Chandrababu wants only Lokesh to run the show. Atchenna may shift his party loyalties if this continues, say sources.

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