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Andhras Call The Shots In Telangana

Andhras Call The Shots In Telangana

Scarcely a day went by when KCR did not use the vilest possible language against Andhras during the T-agitation.

At one point, he threatened to confiscate the properties of the Andhra industrialists, especially Ramoji Film City lands and those owned by Akkineni Nagarjuna.

All that rhetoric worked, the State got divided and KCR realised his dream of becoming a Chief Minister.

Subsequently, he did put Nagarjuna in a spot of bother by sending notices to a hotel owned by the latter for illegal construction.

However, things were smoothened and a compromise eked out. Similarly, Ramoji Rao got full control of RFC lands via legislation.

In fact, contractors from Andhra bagged projects worth more than Rs 60 lakh crore in the new State of Telangana.

Today, KCR accuses the Congress of partnering with the TDP which according to him is an Andhra Party.

Why then is he awarding contracts to Andhras? Are there no Telanganites with the required technical expertise?

Fact of the matter is that in a democracy, it is the capitalist class that influences the system and barring a few from Telangana who are the upstarts or the nouveau rich, the capitalist class is essentially comprised of Andhras.

Sentiment might win one election but only money power will win you the rest of the elections.

KCR for all his brouhaha knows this very well and this is why despite bifurcation, it is the Andhras who rule in Telangana.



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