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Andhra Employees Not To Fight For SCS!

At a time when the opposition parties in Andhra Pradesh are raising a hue and cry over the Centre refusing to grant special category status to the state, the state government employees have virtually thrown up their hands and are behaving as if they have nothing to do with the demand.

It was evident from the statement of Andhra Pradesh NGOs Association president P Ashok Babu, who got re-elected in the just concluded association elections.

He told media categorically that the state government employees would not take part in any kind of agitation demanding special category status to Andhra Pradesh.

“We cannot participate in any kind of agitations as long as we are in the government service,” Ashok Babu said.

And he gave a free advice to the political parties.

“At present, each political party is adopting its own method of agitation for special category status. We cannot join any such agitation. If all political parties, including the ruling Telugu Desam Party and the opposition, wage a joint struggle, then we shall think of extending our support to them,” he said.

It is clear that Ashok Babu does not want to antagonize the Chandrababu Naidu government which has taken a clear stand by compromising on the special category status and accepting the special financial package. So, the employees will not support the YSR Congress party agitation, even if the demand is legitimate.

If state government employees cannot participate in the agitations, then Ashok Babu should explain why they had taken active part in the “Samaikyandhra” movement during the bifurcation period. Any answer?



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