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After Jayalalitha, KCR is the biggest threat to SCS

After Jayalalitha, KCR is the biggest threat to SCS

When the BJP went back on its promise of giving SCS to Andhra Pradesh after coming to power at the Centre, the people of AP were highly agitated.

At this juncture, the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, (late) Jayalalitha wrote a letter to the entre demanding that AP being given special status would mean a loss for Chennai as all the companies could possibly shift to AP because of the accruing tax benefits and other incentives and sops which SCS would bring with it.

Jayalalitha was a strong leader and the Centre could not afford to take her lightly. But now, following her demise, there is no strong leader in Tamil Nadu and this is the opportune moment for AP to press ahead with its demand for SCS.

It’s now or never! Once political stability is restored in Tamil Nadu, they will once again object to SCS for AP.

At the same time, the biggest current threat to AP’s demand or SCS is now KCR.

Special status would mean all companies and Andhras leaving Hyderabad and for the ensuing void to be filled, it would take another 3 generations of Telangana people to even remotely match up to the standards set by the Andhras.

So, KCR needs the Andhras to spew venom on them for retaining his Chief Ministership but needs the skill of the Andhras to keep Hyderabad going.

It’s high time that the political parties of AP realise this janus-faced approach and do everything in the best interests of their own people.

Even in Parliament, when in an unprecedented move, both the YSRCP and TDP were about to move a no-confidence motion against the NDA, it was TRS MPs who disrupted the effort by rushing to the well and demanding of all things, reservations for Muslims.

Yet, this very KCR gets statements issued by his son and daughter in favour of SCS to AP to pretend that he is on the side of the Andhras which is far, far from the truth. If AP gets SCS, then the biggest casualty would be Hyderabad and Telangana economy.

All that the TRS govt has done till date is to take credit for the development brought in by Chandrababu Naidu, YSR and Kiran Kumar Reddy.

At this stage, KCR simply cannot afford AP getting SCS and will do everything possible to stall it.

The sooner the politicians and people of AP realise this fact, they would be able to chalk an appropriate strategy and the better prepared they would be, in their fight for SCS.

It’s high time, that we all put aside our Kamma, Kapu, Reddy and Brahmin differences and put up a united fight.

In that lies the welfare and prosperity of our children and the future generations.

Written By Kiran Sharma



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