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85% Not Eligible For Loan Waivers In AP

Recently, there were stories that the Andhra Pradesh government has drastically reduced the amount it would release to bail out farmers and DWACRA women.

The latest news according to a leading English daily is that the AP government feels that nearly 85% of the farmers and DWACRA women are not eligible for loan waivers.

Initially, it was said that to waiver all loans the government would require Rs 87,000 crores.

Then the numbers were reduced to 1.5 lakh and the amount was brought down to Rs 45,000 crores. Then, they started sorting and validating the farmers through three processes.

First, they began by checking the Aadhar card, then they checked the ration cards to check family details and later the land survey numbers were tallied.

After all this, it has been decided that only 15 lakh accounts were eligible for loan waivers. So, the latest estimation is that Rs 20,000 crores will be sufficient to waiver loans. 

The TDP government has tactfully reduced the number from 1 crore accounts to 15 lakh accounts feel political analysts.

However, if the latest numbers are true, then the farmers and DWACRA women who do not fall under the loan waiver category are bound to express their angst and anger against the government.

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