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YSRC's Siddham Meeting at Addanki draws huge crowd

YSRC's Siddham Meeting at Addanki draws huge crowd

The YSRC's Siddham gathering, hosted in Addanki, Bapatla district, on Sunday, drew an immense crowd of 1.5 million (15 lakh). This marks the fourth cadre meeting of the YSRC under the banner of 'Siddham', translating to 'Ready'.

Representatives from six districts - Bapatla, Guntur, Prakasam, Palnadu, Nellore, and Tirupati - participated in the event.

The venue pulsated with the party's campaign anthem and video 'Maa Nammakam Nuvve Jagan'.

In the Bapatla assembly, the platform took the shape of a 'Y', with Jagan's rallying cry 'Why Not 175?' prominently displayed at the center, and the party flag proudly raised at the ends of both arms of the 'Y'.

The path leading to the gathering site and the surroundings were adorned with Siddham-themed displays, helium balloons, party banners, vehicles sporting YSRC insignias, and embellished with large LED screens. Attendees, including party activists and the general public, also carried Siddham cutouts featuring the portrait of the Chief Minister.

YSRC's social media division introduced 'Me Siddham', allowing party members to create personalized 'Siddham' posters through the 'Jagananna Connects' portal. Within less than four hours, over 40,000 unique posters were generated.

The preceding three 'Siddham' assemblies took place in Bheemli on January 27 with a turnout of 300,000 people, Eluru on February 3 with over 600,000 attendees, and Anantapur on February 18 with a gathering of 1 million individuals.


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