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YCP's Extreme Premature Enthusiasm

YCP's Extreme Premature Enthusiasm

Political parties should have confidence in winning elections and believe that power belongs to them. So far, so good.

However, it seems ironic to onlookers to make arrangements for the swearing-in ceremony before the results are announced.

The people's decision on Andhra Pradesh power in 2024 is stored in EVMs, and there are still eight days until the election counting.

The election results will be out on June 4, and by noon that day, it will be clear who the AP Chief Minister will be.

Arrangements for the oath-taking ceremony can be made in any number of ways after that. However, the public is questioning why YCP is showing such enthusiasm now.

In Visakhapatnam, there is a large-scale campaign claiming that YS Jagan will take the oath as CM on the 8th or 9th.

It is noteworthy that the YCP chief leaders have also informed the media about the dates and timings of the oath-taking ceremony.

Even though there is hope of coming back to power, YCP leaders and workers are expressing eagerness.

Can't they wait until the final day? After securing victory, whatever you say or do becomes valid.

On the contrary, is it necessary to make arrangements for the oath-taking before the results are announced?

This question is being raised within the party as well. While criticizing TDP's bets, YCP leaders are also rushing to announce the oath-taking ceremony, leading to criticism.

YCP needs to think about this matter and exercise restraint. After the results are declared on the fourth, they can make any arrangements.


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