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Will Chiru get adjusted in BJP?

Will Chiru get adjusted in BJP?

For the last couple of days, there have been speculations in the social media on the possible entry of megastar and former Rajya Sabha member Chiranjeevi into the Bharatiya Janata Party.

According to these speculations, some senior BJP leaders from Delhi have been holding negotiations with Chiranjeevi and offered him plum positions in the party.

Though there has been no confirmation or information from the megastar, the BJP leaders are said be optimistic that he would definitely join the saffron party.

If these speculations are true, then it is definitely a sensational news in Andhra politics.

The BJP, which is desperate to gain a footing in Andhra Pradesh, will make full use of Chiranjeevi’s charisma to grow in the state.

Already, it has roped in four Telugu Desam Party MPs and a host of party leaders like Ambika Krishna.

Apparently, BJP hopes to capture the vote bank of Kapus in Andhra by bringing Chiranjeevi into the party.

It is learnt the BJP leadership has offered to give him Rajya Sabha ticket besides making him the state BJP president.

But, one wonders whether Chiranjeevi will adjust himself in the BJP, which he had criticized strongly in the past. Secondly, one doubts whether Chiranjeevi still has the charisma to win the votes for the BJP.

After seeing the miserable performance of his younger brother Pawan Kalyan and the Praja Rajyam fiasco, it is unlikely that the people will believe the mega brothers again.

The voters have become more practical than emotional these days!



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