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Why Only Nagababu's Batch Seen in Campaigning?

Why Only Nagababu's Batch Seen in Campaigning?

The 'Jabardasth' team, considered to be Nagababu's batch, is seen campaigning for Pawan Kalyan in Pithapuram.

It seems they might have been lined up for Anakapalli if Nagababu had been given the ticket. Since he wasn't, they've been redirected to Pithapuram to campaign for Pawan.

But if Nagababu's batch is campaigning for Pawan Kalyan, what happened to Pawan Kalyan's original team?

He used to have the famous 'Gabbar Singh' comedians, including Narra, who would accompany him chanting the Pawan Mantra.

There are many people around Pawan who call him 'Swamy' and 'Baba'. Where are they now?

The Gabbar Singh comedians even warned Posani Krishna Murali when he criticized Pawan Kalyan a couple of years ago. Why aren't they seen campaigning now?

Moreover, with these Jabardasth comedians and sidekicks, voters hardly feel connected. Besides providing some entertainment, they aren't very effective at rallying support.

If Pawan is savvy enough, he would enlist Trivikram Srinivas and Harish Shankar for his campaign. They have the oratory skills to captivate voters' attention seriously. However, it seems they prefer to work behind the scenes rather than in direct campaigning.

Harish Shankar delivered memorable dialogues in "Ustaad Bhagat Singh," and the teaser for it recently surfaced.

He's known for his powerful speeches and fearless criticism, as seen in his encounters with journalists like Suresh Kondeti. If he were to join Pawan Kalyan's election campaign, it would undoubtedly create a stir.

Many feel that Pawan should bring both Trivikram and Harish into his Pithapuram campaign, at least now.

Commenting on this, an insider in the film industry said, "If they were confident in Pawan and his coalition's victory, not only these directors but the entire industry would have come forward to claim credit for the victory. They lack confidence in Pawan and the Alliance's prospects, hence they're staying out of Pawan's view."


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