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Why Is Media Silent On YS Sharmila's Son's Wedding?

Why Is Media Silent On YS Sharmila's Son's Wedding?

The marriage of Andhra Pradesh Congress president Sharmila's son Raja Reddy is receiving attention.

Raja Reddy and Priya Atluri tied the knot last Saturday in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, following their engagement in Hyderabad on the 18th of the previous month, which garnered significant publicity.

However, the wedding ceremony itself received little or no attention, with media coverage being notably absent.

The primary reason for this seems to be the absence of AP CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy at this destination wedding.

Had Jagan attended, it likely would have garnered media attention.

A viral video from last month showed YS Jagan and his wife Bharathi attending the engagement ceremony where Jagan extended an invitation to his sister for a group photo, which she declined. 

Furthermore, the absence of CM Jagan and YS Bharati at their nephew's wedding raises eyebrows.

Speculation suggests that Jagan's absence may be due to prior commitments or possibly stemming from recent tensions.

The suspicions also say that they were absent in the wedding event only keeping the experience they had during the engagement ceremony. 

Reports indicate that apart from Vijayamma, none of the YS family members attended the wedding in Rajasthan, and political figures were also absent.

However, there are expectations that political leaders from both Telugu states may attend the reception scheduled to take place in Hyderabad.


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