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Why did Jagan react to Jharkhand CM comment?

Why did Jagan react to Jharkhand CM comment?

The sudden reaction from YSR Congress party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy to a comment made by Jharkhand chief minister Hemanth Soren on Friday afternoon came as a big surprise to the political observers in the state.

On Thursday night, Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with chief ministers of various states on the Covid-19 situation, their preparedness to tackle the situation and their requirements from the centre.

On Thursday night, PM Modi spoke to Hemant Soren about the Covid-19 situation of the state.

After the conversation, Soren took to Twitter and said that PM Modi only did his "Mann ki Baat" during the conversation.

"It would have been better had he listened to and spoken on important matters," the chief minister tweeted.

The tweet was in Hindi and it would have sent whatever message Jharkhand Mukti Morcha leaders wanted to convey to Modi. It was purely a personal comment from Soren on Modi’s interaction.

Surprisingly, Jagan chose to react on Soren’s comment on Friday afternoon.

He tweeted: “Dear @HemantSorenJMM, I have great respect for you, but as a brother I would urge you, no matter whatever our differences are, indulging in such level of politics would only weaken our nation.

In this war against Covid-19, these are the times not to point fingers but to come together and strengthen the hands of our Prime Minister to effectively combat the pandemic.”

It was surprising that Jagan, rather than Modi, reacted so sharply to the Jharkhand CM’s comment.

First of all, Soren did not make any reference to any other state, let alone Andhra Pradesh.

Secondly, the tweet was purely in Hindi and no way, Jagan would have noticed it so prominently.

Thirdly, it was a message aimed at the Prime Minister and there is no reason why Jagan should react to it.

“It is not exactly known whether it was a spontaneous reaction from Jagan or whether he got any message from Delhi to attack Soren. But certainly, there is some political significance to it,” a source said.

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