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Whose vote will JD's new party split in AP elections?

Whose vote will JD's new party split in AP elections?

The launch of a new political party – Jai Bharat National Party – by former IPS officer and ex-joint director of Central Bureau of Investigation V V Lakshminarayana, popularly known as JD, on Friday has not evoked much curiosity in the political circles.

This is basically because of the inconsistent political stand taken by Lakshminarayana, as he was naming several political parties extending invitation to him. But actually, there were no takers for him.

Finally, he announced the launch of Jai Bharat National Party and there appear to be no big leader beside him. Yet, Lakshminarayana said his party was born to bring change in politics and will bring special status back to mainstream discussion which has been sidelined by YSRCP, TDP and JanaSena.

Secondly, the timing of the launch of a political party is also wrong, as the elections are just three months away and one would require huge manpower and money power to run the party, let alone dreaming of coming to power.

The rhetoric that his party would prove to the world that politics can be done for good governance has no takers, at a time when the present-day politics is dictated by money power and massive preparation. 

“Above all, the slogan that he has taken up - achieving Special Category Status (SCS) to the state, is flawed, as the people have given up hope on it completely and is not believing any party that talks about the special category status,” a political analyst said.

Yet, the political observers are viewing the new party with caution. Even if it is to a small extent, the Jai Bharat National Party would definitely play spoilsport with the prospects of mainstream political parties, especially in the constituencies, where the contest between the YSRC and TDP is very tough.

“If it can eat into the YSR Congress party votes, it will help the TDP or Jana Sena. But if it splits the anti-establishment vote, it will help the YSRC. So, JD is likely to play havoc with either side in the event of a tight contest,” sources said.


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