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What did Jagan discuss with Modi?

What did Jagan discuss with Modi?

The meeting between Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi on Wednesday evening generated a lot of curiosity among the media persons and also political circles.

The details of the representation given by Jagan to Modi was shared to the media by the chief minister’s office, but there is nothing much interesting in it, as most of the points raised in it were the same which he had represented to the Centre in the past in his letters and also in earlier meetings.

The only fresh points in the media were about the YSR Congress government’s plans to decentralise the administration by creating three capital cities and its plea to the Centre to take steps for shifting of high court from Amaravati to Kurnool and abolition of legislative council.

Though there were speculations that Jagan had met the Prime Minister on the latter’s call to discuss the possibility of YSRC joining the National Democratic Alliance, there was no official or unofficial information about the same. But they had discussed for more than 100 minutes was really interesting to know.

It is known whether the topic of YSRC joining the NDA had come up for talks or not. But if it really happened and Jagan really accepted the invitation of Modi to join the NDA, it will not take long time for the party to disclose it officially.

Generally, Modi will leave such decisions to his close aide and Union home minister Amit Shah. In fact, sources said Jagan was supposed to meet Shah later in the evening or on Thursday, but Shah is said to be a little busy.

“May be, Jagan will come back to Delhi in a day or two again for further talks and negotiations,” sources said.


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