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Watch: Is YS Jagan Needed For AP Voters?

Watch: Is YS Jagan Needed For AP Voters?

In Telangana, there was a transfer of power after ten years. As for Andhra Pradesh, it is known that the change in leadership happened in five years itself.

Against the backdrop of the recent power transition in Telangana, current discussions are predominantly focused on Andhra Pradesh.

Within Andhra itself, there is a growing speculation that the outcome in Telangana may repeat.

In this context, the defeat of the ruling party in Telangana should serve as a lesson to Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan. 

Primarily, Telangana Chief Minister KCR has refrained from granting appointments to his party MLAs, avoiding visits to the secretariat, and maintaining a distant relationship with the public.

Additionally, there are allegations of suppressing dissenting voices and displaying arrogance. It is evident that the public desired a change on these grounds. 

CM Jagan needs to recognize that the primary reasons for ousting KCR are also applicable to the YCP government.

Let us delve into the complete story  in this scenario by watching the video:


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