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Watch: Focus On YS Jagan's 'Siddham'

Watch: Focus On YS Jagan's 'Siddham'

Andhra Pradesh chief minister and YSRCP party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy asserts preparedness for coming elections.

He finalized ticket allocations and candidate selections ahead of other political entities. However, the pivotal question remains: Is the readiness real? Are the other parties also ready for the election on par with YCP?

The TDP-Jana Sena alliance, aspiring for political control, currently finds themselves in an unusual situation.

Leaders from these parties, accustomed to criticizing Jaganmohan Reddy's administration, now face a dilemma as they cannot find fault with any of the initiatives bearing Jagan's endorsement.

They hesitate to critique any aspect of the existing systems in place. Besides, they are still hesitant in announcing the candidates until now. 

Coming to YCP, it is confident in securing victory. There is a conviction in them that the party's strength holds greater significance than the individual strengths of candidates.

Additionally, there is no inclination to replace every incumbent candidate aggressively.

Jagan's candidates are selected based on surveys, taking into consideration local and social factors. Ongoing analysis suggests that the final lists will manifest the original concept of social justice through the YSR Congress.

Amidst this, the consequential query arises: Will the opposition also inevitably emulate Jagan's strategic approach? This intriguing topic takes center stage in this week's prominent GreatAndhra cover story titled 'Siddham... Nijamenaa?' - an in-depth analysis of the prevailing political landscape.


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