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Viral Post: Day Dreaming Comedy Of Kapus

Viral Post: Day Dreaming Comedy Of Kapus

A post by Janasena supporters, who are predominantly Kapus, is going viral and has been forwarded many times.

Here is the content of that post: "TDP 75 to 80, YSRCP 75 to 80, Janasena 12 to 15, BJP 3 to 5, and Congress 0 to 1... NDA, 93 to 97."

This post indicates that TDP doesn't reach the magic mark to form government, and so Janasena supporters are daydreaming that Pawan Kalyan would play a key role in forming the government through a coalition, giving him the right to sit in the Chief Minister's chair.

However, the point they are ignoring is that even if Janasena wins all 21 seats, 20 of them will likely align with TDP under Chandrababu Naidu if the issue of making Pawan a CM arises.

"It should be noted that 15 candidates who contested on behalf of Janasena were already fielded by Chandrababu Naidu. By all means, if the coalition wins the maximum seats, then obviously Chandrababu will be the sole CM, leaving no room for Pawan Kalyan. Even Pawan knows this, but Janasena supporters and some Kapus are still daydreaming out of ignorance," said a political analyst.


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