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Trivikram's Blessing Only For 'Devara', Not 'Pushpa 2'

Trivikram's Blessing Only For 'Devara', Not 'Pushpa 2'

Director Trivikram Srinivas predicts that the upcoming year will mark the prominence of Devara.

From Ugadi to Ugadi, signifying from this April to the next, Trivikram symbolized the year as 'Devara Nama Ugadi'. He also wishes the film to garner a thousand crores.

But amidst this, Allu Arjun's "Pushpa 2" movie is also set to release this year. What blessings will Guruji bestow upon it?

"Pushpa 2" is anticipated to achieve a thousand crores in earnings, given its reported budget exceeding 400 crores. Whether Trivikram extends his blessings to Pushpa 2 as well along with Devara has to be seen.

Considering Bunny's strong rapport with Trivikram, such thoughts arise naturally.

Furthermore, Ram Charan's 'Game Changer' is slated for release this year, despite his absence in collaborations with Trivikram so far. This, too, is expected to be a blockbuster grossing a thousand crores. 

Moreover, Prabhas' "Kalki" and Megastar's "Vishwambhara" are also scheduled for this year, promising Pan India entertainment. 

"Kalki" stands as the grandest production with its extensive casting. 

Hence, this year has many films to cross Rs 1000 mark in collections. So Trivikram needs to consider "Pushpa 2", "Kalki", and "Game Changer" in the list, not showing partiality only for Devara.


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