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This is Called Development, Mr. Pawan Kalyan

This is Called Development, Mr. Pawan Kalyan

The YCP minister strongly countered opposition criticism of a lack of development.

Minister Seediri Appalaraju, representing Srikakulam district, asserted that those claiming a dearth of progress would realize its existence upon observation.

Speaking at a recent Jana Sena meeting in Visakhapatnam, Pawan Kalyan said that there is no development in Uttarandhra. In response, Minister Seediri Appalraju defended the government's efforts.

The Minister highlighted the government's approval of the Moolapeta port for the underdeveloped Srikakulam district, emphasizing its rapid construction. He asserted that the first phase of the port would conclude by the end of January.

He questioned whether the Jana Sena pushed the earlier TDP government in support of Uddanam kidney patients by establishing a kidney research center and a super specialty hospital in Palasa.

Additionally, he also shared information about the government's initiative to provide protected irrigation water from the Vamsadhara river to various villages, including Uddhanam, at a cost of 700 crore rupees.

The Minister indicated that Chief Minister YS Jagan would inaugurate these development projects on the 15th of this month during his visit to Srikakulam district.

He asserted that his government had effectively addressed the issue of kidney patients, offering a permanent solution to a longstanding problem.

Another minister, Gudivada Amaranath, credited the YCP government with attracting IT companies like Infosys and establishing an international airport in Uttarandhra.

He questioned why relocating the administrative capital to Vizag of Uttarandhra would evoke cries of despair from Pawan Kalyan, who characterizes it as a backward region. The opposition is expected to respond to this.


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