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The Strangest Wonder In Andhra Pradesh

The Strangest Wonder In Andhra Pradesh

Strange things happen in Andhra Pradesh and all of them are connected to the opposition TDP headed by Chandrababu Naidu. 

When Naidu was the chief minister, the state government gave a huge dinner party to the judges spending nearly Rs 20 lakh on 18 judges. 

When a chief justice was transferred and a judge retired, the TDP in the name of Amaravati farmers, organised a floral farewell from the high court to Venkatapalem covering around 10 kilometres. 

Now, when two judges were named by the Supreme Court collegium for transfer, the TDP is prompting a protest by the advocates. 

One wonders whether the transfer of judges is happening for the first time in the history of independent India! 

The protests are held at the high court and even outside and there were protest posts in the social media opposing the transfer proposal of the two judges. 

What is interesting is that these judges have made negative comments against the state government’s decisions in the public platform. 

Some judges of the Andhra Pradesh high court have become dearer to the TDP and the Amaravati farmers for the series of judgements in their favour. 

The remarks of retired judge of Madras high court, Justice K Chandru, on the AP high court judgements is being recalled by the political activists. 

When the high court gave a judgement in March this year asking the state government to develop plots area for the farmers in three months and complete construction of capital city in Amaravati in six months raised an eyebrow. 

The judgement was seen in the poor light as any real estate developer or anyone having minimum knowledge of construction work can understand that building a city in six months is practically impossible. 

Though this decision was challenged by the state government in the Supreme Court, the protest now being held against the transfer proposal of two judges is making everyone to recall some of the important judgements in the last three years.


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