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TDP Smells Foul In Jagan's Switzerland Tour!

TDP Smells Foul In Jagan's Switzerland Tour!

Everybody knows YSR Congress party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy went to Switzerland along with his family on a short vacation to take a break from the hectic political activity in Andhra Pradesh for the last few months.

It is quite common for anybody who can afford to go on a vacation to foreign countries will prefer Switzerland during the summer, because of the pleasant weather and exotic locations that give a lot of physical and psychological relief.

So, there is no surprise Jagan has chosen to go to Switzerland to beat the heat here. Before commencing his padayatra in 2017, he went to New Zealand along with the family for similar purpose.

But the Telugu Desam Party is smelling foul even in Jagan’s short vacation to Switzerland. TDP official spokesman and MLC Y Babu Rajendra Prasad on Wednesday suspected that Jagan had preferred to go to Switzerland only to draw his ill-gotten money deposited in the banks there.

This is ridiculous. If Jagan really has money in Switzerland banks, why should he go there now? He could have drawn the money during the elections. If he comes to power in Andhra Pradesh by any chance, he could royally go to that country in the capacity of the chief minister. Why should he be in such a hurry?

If a politician going to Switzerland should be viewed with suspicion, then how many times one should suspect TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu for going to that country almost every year in the name of participating in the World Economic Forum meeting?

Last year, even his son Lokesh Babu also had gone to Switzerland. Did he draw any money for the elections?

Well, there is no substance in political mudslinging!



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