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Shocking Similarity Between Trump And Chandrababu

Shocking Similarity Between Trump And Chandrababu

Chandrababu and Donald Trump have some similarities. The main similarity is ridiculing the democratic system. 

It should be recalled that Chandrababu after losing in 2019 election, said that he lost only due to EVM tampering. Well, he didn't say anything when his party lost miserably in the ballot paper system of the GHMC elections. 

Another aspect is that when YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's swearing in ceremony was fixed on May 30th 2019, Chandrababu stated that he can continue as the Chief Minister until June 8th 2019 as he sweared on 2014 June 8th.

Now Donald Trump also has followed the footsteps of Chandrababu surprisingly. As soon as he lost he said that there was a fraud in counting. Later he still maintained his anti democratic stand, stating that he is not going to accept the defeat. 

In fact, the hardcore power craving minds and tongues think and talk alike.

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