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Shocking Facts Behind 'Gadapa Gadapaku' Visits Of MLAs?

Shocking Facts Behind 'Gadapa Gadapaku' Visits Of MLAs?

The media in Andhra Pradesh has reports fully packed with people questioning the ruling YSR Congress MLAs during the Gadapa Gadapaku mana prabhutvam programme.

The media reports display the photographs and video clips of people questioning the MLAs, much to their embarrassment.

Showing these protests, the media also tries to project as if there is massive opposition to the ruling party and the local MLAs everywhere.

But what exactly is happening is that as part of the programme the MLAs have to visit every house, including the houses of the TDP and Jana Sena activists.

It is these hard-core TDP and Jana Sena activists who, with their political agenda, raise questions, record it and send it to the yellow media.

It is obvious that the activists of the opposition parties always question the ruling party leaders as and when they get the chance.

But that does not reflect the public opinion as the TDP and Jana Sena activists have their own political agenda and it cannot be the opinion of the people.

This happens to every ruling party and Chandrababu Naidu was not an exception to see such protests when he was in power.  

But what the yellow media in Andhra Pradesh does is that wherever the TDP and Jana Sena activists question the ruling party MLAs, it is highlighted to show as if it is the ordinary people who are questioning the MLA.

Well, as it appears, the yellow media is working 24x7 to bring Chandrababu Naidu back to power.

In other words, the yellow media is working more than the TDP chief himself.

But, there is social media which is in the hands of the people and which helps them to know the facts.

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