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Sharmila dragging family prestige to street: YSR sister

Sharmila dragging family prestige to street: YSR sister

By making wild allegations against her own brother Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy and cousin Avinash Reddy, Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee president Y S Sharmila is dragging the family prestige to streets and ruining its image in the eyes of people for her petty political gains.

This was alleged by Y S Vimalamma, sister of late chief minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy on Saturday.

“I am speaking on behalf of the family, having gained the respect as the sister of YSR. It is not correct on the part of Sharmila to make wild allegations against Jagan in connection with the murder of Vivekananda Reddy,” she said, speaking to media at Pulivendula.

Vimalamma alleged that the real killers of Vivekananda Reddy and the perpetrators of the murder were freely roaming around in public while the innocent were being implicated. 

“It is better Sharmila and Viveka’s daughter Sunitha shut up their mouths and let the investigating agencies do the job, instead of making allegations against Jagan and Avinash without any basis,” she said.

She said neither Sharmila nor Sunitha had any support from any of the family members of YSR and his brothers.

“I have known Avinash since his childhood and he is a man who has faith in God. I pray he will overcome these testing times,” she said.

In the past, too, when Avinash Reddy’s other Lakshmi suffered heart attack on coming to know about the possible arrest of her son by the CBI police, it was Vimalamma who stood by the family.

She came to Viswa Bharati hospital at Kurnool, where Lakshmi underwent treatment and enquired about her health. She has also been conducting prayers for Jagan all over the state.


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