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Reddys are Not Happy with Jagan Cabinet

Reddys are Not Happy with Jagan Cabinet

Andhra Pradesh’s new Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy has announced 25 MLAs as ministers in his first cabinet each one representing a district (the current 13 districts would be made into 25 districts).

Y S Jagan is forming his first cabinet with the formula of social engineering. However, Reddys who have been backbone for YSRC party are not happy with Jagan’s cabinet.

Jagan has allotted only four ministries to Reddys. This has not gone with the 51 Reddy MLAs of the party who expected better representation for their community.

It has been Reddys who toiled hard for the party during last nine years when YS Jagan went through turbulent times.

Some even lost their businesses and all the money fighting with TDP and Congress (before 2019) governments. Naturally, Reddys expected more number of portfolios but Jagan have different ideas.

Reddys got the same number of ministries that Naidu gave to this community in the last government. When Naidu gave more number of portfolios to his own community Kammas, YS Jagan opted less number for his community.

Y S Jagan’s social-engineering formula is not working with the community that has been loyal and supportive to him.

It has to see be seen how would he satisfy the Reddys who are openly expressing their displeasure on the social media platforms.


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