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Prasanth Varma is Silent about Bollywood Project

Prasanth Varma is Silent about Bollywood Project

Director Prasanth Varma celebrated his 36th birthday today (May 29). There were rumors that he would announce his first Bollywood project on his birthday, but no such announcement was made.

According to reports, Prasanth Varma's first Bollywood film, starring Ranveer Singh, has hit a roadblock due to creative differences.

When these reports appeared in some media outlets, Prasanth Varma denied them and confirmed that the film is still in production.

If the film is indeed proceeding, it's surprising that no announcement was made on his birthday.

Prasanth Varma has directed films such as Awe, Kalki, Zombie Reddy, and Hanu Man. His recent fantasy film Hanu Man earned him widespread recognition.


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