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Pithapuram Voters Pondering Over These Questions

Pithapuram Voters Pondering Over These Questions

Pithapuram voters have certain questions regarding Pawan Kalyan. They are pondering the following:

1. Will Pawan Kalyan be readily available within the constituency if elected, or will he at least appoint his personal assistant here?

2. Even if he loses the election, will he remain committed to this constituency for future plans, or will he simply remove the office like he did in Gajuwaka and Bhimavaram?

3. Will he prioritize the constituency once he wins, or will he simply remain in Hyderabad and continue with his film commitments?

4. If the vote is to be given based on caste, why choose Pawan Kalyan over Vanga Geetha?

The closer an MLA is to the local people, the better it is. Because everything, from border disputes with neighboring areas to domestic violence issues, comes to the MLA's camp office. 

This accessibility is essential for MLAs. Leaders like Chandrababu, Jagan, and others don't face this issue.

They ensure that close relatives and personal assistants are stationed in their constituencies and are readily available to the public.

Balakrishna also stationed his personal assistant in his constituency, which led to criticism and conflicts.

Now, it's Pawan Kalyan's turn.

Regardless of winning or losing, it's crucial for political leaders to maintain a presence in and show commitment to their constituencies while being accessible to the people. 

However, Pawan Kalyan's approach differs. After losing in Gajuwaka, the party office there was vacated and hasn't been seen since.

The same goes for Bhimavaram. Now, it's Pithapuram's turn. Pawan is confident about winning with the Kapu community's votes. 

But Kapus have many doubts on Pawan Kalyan's commitment quotient if he wins. 

Many Kapu voters and others are thinking about Vanga Gita, who is local, versus Pawan, who might be seated elsewhere in Hyderabad.

If the people of Pithapuram think on these lines seriously then defeat is written in the name of Pawan Kalyan.

As there is enough time for election, Pawan has to do a lot of ground work meeting every voter immediately.


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